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Reece Grant update - Plans for Indonesia underway

1 May 2017

It’s a cruel irony that although thousands of gallons of rain fall in Indonesia each year, more than 40 million people in the Southeast Asian country lack access to clean water.

For many, the only safe option is bottled water, but this is an expensive and wasteful solution resulting in mass pollution of the seawater and surrounding countryside from discarded plastic bottles.

This July, Reece Grant recipient Jack Timmins will join his family’s initiative ‘LearnToLive’ in Likupang-Ambong to support the region’s desperate need of aid in healthcare, clean water and education.

Set to depart in a few short months, Jack’s busy making plans for the construction of the rainwater catchment and filtration system. The proposed system works to capture rainwater through a guttering system installed on the rooftop and directing it into two 3,100L rainwater tanks. Utilising four layers of material – sand, gravel, carbon and silica – the rainwater is then filtered through to a secondary 225L tank. From here the water is pumped into portable bottles for community use.

“I’m looking forward to getting over there and starting the build,” said Jack.

“It’s great to see the families up and about for something positive happening in their community, which doesn’t see a lot of positive things.”

Read more about Jack and the other Reece Grant recipients at reece.com.au/grant

Recipients: Jack Timmins

Location: Indonesia

Duration: 3 weeks

plans for indonesia grant

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