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Get your weekends back thanks to maX and MYOB

8 August 2018

As part of our commitment to continually innovating our online business management system maX, we have integrated with popular accounting software MYOB to make invoicing easier and faster for you. This means that maX offers more handy features, including assistance in managing the book keeping and invoicing side of your business.

What are the benefits?

No more manual uploads – Your Reece Group Invoices will now seamlessly appear in your MYOB account each day

No mistakes – Peace of mind that maX and MYOB are doing all the hard work

Save time – Less time in front of your computer

Save money – Analyse your costs in one place to become more efficient in the future

Ease of locating invoices – Search invoices according to job number to see all invoices relating to that job


What MYOB account integrates with maX?

They type of MYOB account you have will determine whether you can integrate your invoices with maX. Please look at the table below to determine whether your account is eligible to integrate with maX.

Reece Plumbing maX MYOB account

It is also important to note that for a successful integration you will need to have internet capability on your MYOB platform so please check before linking your two accounts.

If you are currently using an offline version of MYOB but would like to move online, then please contact MYOB on 1300 793 130.


How do I integrate maX with MYOB?

If you are already using an eligible MYOB account to manage your book keeping, integrating it with maX is easy. Click here to download the set up instructions.

Currently using Xero to manage your invoicing? maX integrates with Xero too. Click here to see how to integrate your maX account with Xero.


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