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5 Tips to Improving your Plumbing Business

2 December 2019

Trying to make it across town to fit in all the jobs you’ve scheduled for the day while also trying to run a business can feel overwhelming and can lead to a lot of late nights buried in paperwork. Check out some tips from other plumbers below and give yourself some time back in your day.


1. Quote faster, work faster

If you find yourself quoting the same kinds of jobs all the time, getting your branch manager to set you up with a quote can make quoting and ordering really simple and quick on the go. For example, if you’ve got a client who has a burst hot water system and they request a quote from you for an install, simply jump into maX, open up the branch quote and email them a retail priced copy. This means it will have all the right products and pricing already loaded in for your customer. It also means you can get your quote across to your client quickly and increase your chances of winning the job. Rowan from Melbourne Plumbing and Gas says doing this halved the time he spends on admin. 


 2. Stay ahead of the game by tracking your orders

No one likes to be left in the dark, and with the maX app you can know the status of your orders at every stage. Need to know when the rough in products have arrived? Or when you can schedule the flashing job you’ve been waiting on? Use the maX app and plan out your jobs for the week with confidence.


3. Manage your cashflow from start to finish

Paying a lump sum at the end of each month can feel overwhelming. And what happens if you reach your credit limit before then? Easily stay on top of the money side by paying off invoices to get below the credit limit, or to more easily manage your cashflow throughout the month. Money in, money out – all in a couple of clicks on your phone. Talk about efficiency!


4. Reduce downtime out on site

Wondering where your next delivery is? Is there time to get stuck into another task before it arrives or should you wait? Using the maX app, check and see when each of your deliveries is scheduled. Once it’s on its way, you can even track it until it arrives out on site. All the ETA’s are based on Google Maps traffic data too so you can be sure what you’re seeing is accurate.


5. Install with confidence every time

Need to know the set out of a close coupled toilet suite? Or what the gas pressure is for a Thermann continuous unit? Don’t worry about losing the installation paperwork – search the entire Reece Group catalogue of products and access detailed product information & tech specs on the go.


Register and download the maX app today to enjoy all these benefits for yourself. Struggling with setting up your account? Use our online chat service to help set you up.

Click here to download for iOS. Click here to download for Android.

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