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Find out how Rowan halved his office time by using maX

5 December 2019

We spent some time out on site with Rowan from Melbourne Plumbing and Gas to understand why he uses maX and why he’s loving having access to all his branch quotes on the go. Have a read through our chat with him or watch the video below.


Q. Hey Rowan! Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your business?

I've been a plumber for 14 years now and the owner of Melbourne Plumbing and Gas for the last 6 years. We work in domestic and commercial maintenance.


Q. Can you tell us a bit about your team? How are they using the maX app?

We've got about 3 full timers and subbies we use when we need to. The boys use it out on site to get pricing, look up specialised products and get material costings. They can also give accurate costing to clients in minutes.


Q. How do you guys use branch quotes in maX when you’re on the go?

Working in maintenance means we get last minute or emergency call outs. We had our branch manager set up some quotes for us to access quickly in these situations. For example, we have 3 different quotes for hot water installs. We can login and send a retail priced version of a branch quote direct to our client within minutes. We can also order it straight away too.

*Branch Quotes are only available on the new maX app. Download for iOS or Android.


Q. Why do you choose to use the maX app?

Simple, easy and can be used remotely. I don't need to spend heaps of time in the office doing paperwork when I have all the branch quotes on my app. I can send off CMP quote copies to my clients quickly and easily.


Q. When do you find you're using maX the most?

Out on site. It's so easy to login and look at all the order details and pricing we need. All the information we could need is in there.


Q. Can you tell us a time where using maX helped you out?

We were on the way to the airport for a family holiday when I had an emergency quote request come through for a burst hot water system. I could login to the app, look at the quotes I already had setup, give the client three different options and send them across a quote in seconds. Without maX, we would have lost the job.


Q. What has been the biggest benefit to your business?

We can use the app to find information while we're working out on site - there's no need to be tied to a desk to get the information we need. Having quotes on our phones means it cuts our administration time in half - we get everything done that we need on the job.

We can send a quote with the right pricing off so quickly to our clients. The business runs smoother, there's less working in the office and more time doing productive tasks. It's really streamlined and saves us so much time.


Q. What was your process with requesting quotes from the branch before it was available on the app?

We used to use a template and fax it off to the branch. We’d just lose the paper trail and lose the documents. So much time wasted!


My advice to plumbers who aren't using the maX app?

Just give it a go. You'll wonder how you ever operated without it.


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