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When you need quality pipe and fittings... That's Ardent

Fully tested metal.
Always ready to go.

Every Ardent pipe and fitting is rigorously tested and made of the purest materials available. So when you ask for Ardent, you know you're getting high quality metal, made to last.

What you can't see is what matters most.

Copper purity symbol

Made from highly pure metals

Ardent's metal experts ensure every product is crafted from durable materials.

Testing copper for metal purity
Copper testing symbol

Rigorously tested and made to last

Every Ardent product is extensively tested in the Reece Testing Lab - and by tradies across Australia.

Testing copper for durability
Copper stores symbol

Available at over 400 stores

Get what you need, when and where you need it with our wide network and delivery fleet.

Ardent in a Reece branch

Hundreds of products.
Made for every job.

Copper fittings

Copper Fittings

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Assemblies and breeches

Assemblies and Breeches

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Rothenberger tool

Copper Coil

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Refrigeration coil

Refrigeration Coil

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Pair coil

Pair Coil

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