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As one of the world’s leading polymer specialists, Rehau has been creating highly innovative plumbing solutions for over 50 years. Each product that carries the Rehau name stands as a symbol of technical excellence. 


Rautitan One

Rautitan One is Rehau’s universal brass fitting for use with PE-X hot & cold water as well as gas applications. It’s been designed to work with Rehau’s current polymer compression sleeve, offering unrivalled adaptability each day.

Replacing Rehau’s old brass , Rautitan One is the only gas fitting in Australia approved for use with a polymer compression sleeve. 100% corrosion proof and fully reversible, it’s 20% faster to install and increases compression tool battery life by 40%. 


rautitan one

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Others have factories. We have the Rehau Innovation Centre. It’s where we continuously refine the development of our products to deliver absolute performance and reliability for our customers. Using state of the art robotic technology in our manufacturing process, we apply the world’s most advanced materials to craft products with tolerances of 100th of a millimeter.


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