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Europe’s No. 1 in Water Technology

Best Water Technology (BWT) has over 100 years' experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art water filtration, purification and treatment products, along with a passion to preserve the global resources of our blue planet.

Today, the BWT group is Europe's leading water technology company, working to provide customers in private homes, industry, business, hotels, and communities with high standards of security, hygiene, and health in their daily contact with water. BWT do this through innovative, economical, and environmental water treatment technologies.

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The importance
of filtration

The issue
Many people are surprised to learn that foreign particles such as sand, rust flakes, coarse material and lime deposits can enter their water. Upon entering, they can cause corrosion and clog household pipes, leading to the growth of mould and bacteria, threatening not only their health but also their families.

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Why install a
backwash filter

BWT backwash filters will significantly reduce the build-up of foreign particles and contaminants known to cause:
• Clogging and damage of taps, valves and shower heads, resulting in a decrease in water pressure
• Damage to seals and gaskets
• Pipe corrosion, that can overtime cause the pipes to breakdown and split
• Mould and bacteria growth

 Interactive Water Quality Map

Domestic Range

Commercial Range