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Product Summary

Electro-hydraulic press machine for battery and mains operation for the system dependant pressing of fittings up to 110 mm diameter with 32 - 34 kN

- The ROMAX 3000 is fast, light, handy and safe. It is ideally suited for use at the building site
- Fast. A pressing cycle only last approx. 5 seconds. The piston retracts automatically after every finished pressing
- Safe. CFT guarantees the necessary pressing force. The automatic controlled press cycles ensures that the piston retracts to the starting position after the necessary pressing force has been reached
- Light. The extremely low weight, as well as the balanced weight distribution, ensure fatigue-free use even in continuous use
- Reliable & economical. Thank the highest quality service interval of 20,000 pressing cycles. This secures continuous economical use
- Expanded operational temperature range. The ROMAX 3000 works perfectly even under adverse environmental conditions. Pressing is possible between -10 deg C and 60 deg C
- Practical design. The compact, wand-like design allows pressing even in confined spaces


Product Information
Manufacturing Information Made in Germany. The know-how from the pioneer of expanding technology and the leading manufacturer of expanding tools for over 40 years.
Power Source Li-ion battery 18 V/ 3 Ah


Technical Information
Min Continuous Working Temperature -10 deg C
Max Continuous Working Temperature 60 deg C
Piston Force 32kN
Piston Hub 40 mm
Press Jaw Fixture 270 degree rotation
Size and Dimensions
Height 75 mm
Width 125 mm
Length 445 mm
Nominal Size 15 - 50 mm diameter (system dependant)
Weight 9.8 kg
Product Weight approx. 3.6 kg (without press jaws)


Product Warranty 3 Years
Battery Warranty 12 Months

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