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Pool Water Testing

Pool Water Testing

Reece Irrigation & Pools offer free pool water testing, analysis and recommendations. We’ll suggest the right combination of chemicals, in the right quantities to get your pool ready for summer. For all the BBQs that end with a cannonball, for all the early morning laps to start the day with clarity, for all the days spent lazing on a lilo, we’ll make sure your pool is balanced and healthy, so you can focus on the important things.

Water testing as easy as 1 2 3

Water Sample

Collect a water sample

Fill a clean bottle by holding it 45cm below the water at the opposite end of the pool from the return outlets. Seal the bottle and bring it into an Irrigation & Pools branch as soon as possible.

Bring it to your branch

We’ll run a water quality analysis

We’ll ask you the size and volume of your pool then run your water through our quality testing machine.


Balancing your pool

We’ll select the right products in the right quantities so you can focus on making a splash and enjoying your pool.

Selecting the right products for your pool

Reece Irrigation & Pools offer a complete range of pool products to suit your needs.

Pool Chemicals

Our range of chemicals and minerals are essential to keeping your pool water clear and healthy.

Pool & Spa Chemicals


Pool Cleaners

There are few things in life more satisfying than a clean pool. Henden makes it easy with a choice of two Robotic Pool Cleaners to suit a variety of needs.

Pool Cleaners


Pool Pumps

In the need of a new pump? We can help you source the right product to suit your pool.

Pool Pumps


Pool Heating

Extend the swimming season and use your pool in the cooler months with our effective heating solutions.

Pool Heaters


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