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cleaners blueFrom traditional suction cleaners to the latest in robotics, we'll help you find the right cleaner for your pool.

Cleaners are used to remove leaf matter and other debris that may fall into the pool.

This can be done by manual cleaning using vacuum heads fitting to a pool hose, as well as brushes and scoops. However, this can be time consuming and labourious making pool cleaners a popular addition to the pool. There are a number of choices available to suit everyone's needs and budget.

Suction cleaners connect via a hose to the pool skimmer to collect debris. These require higher flow rates from the pool pump to operate. A number of options are available including diaphragm and hammer action.  Debris is collected in the skimmer box basket which must be emptied when full.

Pressure cleaners typically require a dedicated pressure line to operate which runs of a separate booster pump. They are great for large debris which are collected in its own bag, removing the need to empty the skimmer basket.

Robotic cleaners are the latest technology, running on low voltage power and operating as an independent system from the rest of the pool equipment. Debris are collected on-board the cleaner in either a cartridge or bag depending on the model selected.  Some brands scan and map the pool performing a full clean within 2-3 hours.  Different models are available for floor only or floor & wall.  Robotic cleaners are economical to run, costing only cents per clean, and are an ideal combination with an energy efficient pump.

In-floor cleaning systems use pool hydraulics to operate heads built into the base of the pool and move debris to an active main drain to remove from the pool floor. Think of it like an underwater sprinkler system.