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From cartridge to sand filters and all the filtration media options, we've got it.

The primary job of a pool filter is to remove the fine organic debris from the water that provides a food source for algae and bacteria to grow.

Pool filters are distinguished in terms of the size of the debris it will remove; this is measured in micron or 1/1000 of a millimetre. The other key consideration is the flow rate that it can handle which needs to be matched to the pump to allow adequate turnover of the pool water.


There are two main types of pool filters: Cartridge filters and Media/Sand filters.

Cartridge filters do not use pool water for cleaning. They are popular in spa’s, above ground and fibreglass pools and regional areas with low rainfall.  These filters size down to 5 micron and the filter element needs to be removed and cleaned periodically. A great tip is to invest in a spare cartridge so that you always have a cartridge ready to go, allowing you to keep swimming.

Sand/media filters traditionally have utilised sand as the filter media.  However other media are now available that allow finer filtration, such as Zeolite and glass media. In terms of performance, sand will filter to 20 micron, Zeolite to 3 micron and glass to 5 micron

These filters are fitted with a MultiPort Valve which allows for easy maintenance, such as backwashing, with the turn of a handle.

Regardless of the filter chosen, it’s important to maintain it regularly to ensure optimal performance.