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Pool Chemicals

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We have everything you need to keep your pool pure and sparkling. We also offer free, in-store water testing.

Pool water chemistry involves not only sanitation of the water to ensure harmful bacteria and algae do not endanger swimmers health but also maintaining the correct balance of the water to prevent damage to the pool surrounds and equipment. Regular water testing is vital in ensuring that the pool is safe to swim in and the correct chemical balance exists in your pool.

It is also important to keep your pool water in proper condition all year round. Leaving your pool untouched over winter when not in use can result in a large cost when it comes time to use it again. Even if the water looks clear an unbalanced pool could be causing damage to your pool surface and equipment.

Some of the most common chemical types and their application are listed below:


  • Stabilizer – protects chlorine from degradation by UV rays
  • Buffer – to increase pH & total alkalinity for swimmer comfort and chemical balancing
  • Dry Acid – to decrease pH for swimmer comfort and chemical balancing
  • Hardness Raiser – to raise low hardness (concentration of calcium) levels of water
  • Hydrochloric Acid – to lower pH and alkalinity
  • PH Increaser – to raise pH only


  • Heavy Duty Black Spot & Algae Killer – to kill and prevent black spot algae
  • Pool Algaecide – to kill and control algae


  • Super Floc – clarifies and acts as a flocculent
  • Pool Floc – to drop suspended particles to the pool floor
  • Water Clarifier – removal of suspended particles and creation of crystal clear pool water


  • Liquid Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) – primary sanitiser
  • Stabilized Chlorine (sodium dichloroisocyanurate) – sanitiser and shock dosing agent
  • Granular Chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) – primary sanitiser
  • Multi-Action Jumbo Tablets – slow release back up sanitiser (handy when you are away on holiday!)


  • Cartridge Filter Cleaner – to degrease and clean filter cartridges
  • Salt Cell Cleaner – to remove calcium build up from chlorinator salt cell
  • Cal. Kill – helps prevent leeching and corrosion of pool walls and surfaces, lowers calcium levels in pool water, hence increasing chlorinator salt cell life and efficiency.
  • Metal Out – Acts as a preventative against staining through the removal of metals e.g. iron, copper and magnesium
  • Phosphate Remover – to lower phosphate levels (a food source for algae) in pool water and keep your pool phosphate free, which in turn inhibits the growth of algae.
  • Stain Remover – To remove leaf and metal stains e.g. plating