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Pumps: The engine of your pool. We have a huge range of options for you to choose from, including the latest energy saving models.

The primary function of a pool pump is to provide the water flow throughout the
filtration equipment as well as circulating the sanitiser and balancing chemicals to ensure clean, healthy water. Pumps are also used to provide water for cleaners, water features, spa jets and heating systems.

There are two main types of pump: single speed and adjustable speed.

Single speed

Traditionally referred to by horse power (i.e. 1HP, 1.5HP etc.), these provide the same flow rate at all times and cannot be adjusted. When sizing a single speed pump it must be selected to match the most demanding equipment application.

Rising energy costs have created the need to adjust pump speeds to suit the requirements of the equipment running at the time. For example a lower flow rate is required when only running the filtration equipment compared to when a heater or suction cleaner is in use.

By reducing the speed of the pump large savings in energy use can be achieved, up to 70%. The slower speed also provides superior filtration by maximising the contact time of the water with the filter.

Adjustable Speed

Fixed Speed - These generally have 2 or 3 factory default speed settings that can’t be adjusted, but can be switched between.

Variable Speed - The fully flexible speed settings allowing personalisation for each pool and maximises energy efficiency.