Ant Valve Extension Spindle 225mm

Product code: 1013701

The ANT range of valve spindle extensions incorporating lengths of 150, 225 and 300mm are suitable for operation on gate valves up to and including DN300. The black coloured valve spindle extensions are manufactured from a high strength composite material using an injection moulding process. Traditionally valve extension spindles are manufactured by welding or pinning forged or cast end-pieces onto a tube or shaft. Where the components are not corrosion resistant to soil and ground water, they are required to be protected with a suitable coating. The integrity of any welding is considered to be critical in allaying any operator safety concerns. The ANT range of injection moulded spindle extensions provides the benefit of a single piece homogenous product with no joins or welds. It is lightweight with a high degree of dimensional accuracy and is impervious to soil and ground water corrosion. Each spindle extension is fitted with a M12 Grade 316 stainless steel bolt to allow retention on to the spindle cap.