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Thermann Electric Solar TE-400-GL-Bottom Element-44

Product code: 1318250

Thermann Solar

The 250L 3.6kW Bottom Mount Thermann Electric Boosted Solar is a highly efficeint storage style system designed for large capacity in residential homes. Thermann Solar systems use evacuated tube technology, and are boosted using either electric elements, or gas continuous flow units.

Thermann Electric Solar
Thermann Electric Solar

Founded in 2012, Thermann has quickly become the fastest growing hot water brand in Australia and New Zealand. When we began, we identified the very best hot water technologies in each category and designed a range of systems that would set new standards in the hot water market. Along with this, we committed to providing plumbers with the very best support and service to make every installation a simple and straight forward process. We then backed all this up with full product warranties and aftersales service by Australia's leading plumbing supplier. This is one of the many reasons why Thermann is trusted by more and more plumbers than any other hot water brand.