Thermann  Gas Boosted Hot Water System

Thermann Solar 6* Natural Gas TG-250-GL-26N-22

Product Code: 1318684

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Cylinder Warranty


Heat Exchanger Warranty


Tubes & Manifold Warranty

Product Summary

Thermann evacuated tube solar gas boosted systems offer reliability and efficiency. Passive sun tracking means more of the suns rays are converted to usable hot water throughout the day - reducing your power bills. With the gas boosted continuous flow unit, you'll never run out of hot water, no matter the weather.


General Information
Booster Size 26 ltr
Number of Tubes 22
Technical Information
Continuous Flow Unit - Gas Type Natural Gas
Continuous Flow Unit - Gas Consumption 200 MJ/h
Continuous Flow Unit - Gas Connection R3/4" (20mm)
Continuous Flow Unit - Water Connections R3/4" (20mm)
Continuous Flow Unit - Star Rating 6.0 star
STC (Zone 1) 25
STC (Zone 2) 28
STC (Zone 3) 25
STC (Zone 4) 22
Pressure Information
Continuous Flow Unit - Maximum Water Pressure 1200 kPa
Continuous Flow Unit - Minimum Water Pressure 110 kPa
Size and Dimensions
Continuous Flow Unit - Height 520 mm
Continuous Flow Unit - Width 350 mm
Continuous Flow Unit - Depth 200 mm
Continuous Flow Unit - Weight (Dry) 16 kg
Number of People 3-5
Tank Capacity 250 ltr
Tank Diameter 617 mm
Tank Height 1445 mm
Tank Weight (Dry) 71 kg


Cylinder Warranty 10 Years
Cylinder Labour Warranty 12 Months
Heat Exchanger Warranty 12 Years
Spare Parts and Labour 12 Months
Tubes & Manifold Warranty 15 Years