Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump 300

Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump 300

Product Code: 1306876

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Cylinder Warranty

Product Summary

Engineered in Germany for Australian conditions, the Thermann X Hybrid heat pump extracts heat from ambient air and quietly transfers it to heat water. It comes with a removable casing for easy cleaning and servicing where access is limited. With a built in manual element boost for high demand conditions, and solar PV ready, it truly is the smart way to heat your water.


Technical Information
Refrigerant Type R134a
Anode Type Maintenance-Free Impressed Current Anode
Power Consumption Boost Element 1.6 kW
PTR Valve Setting 700 kPa
Rated Current 9.7 A
Refrigerant Capacity 0.85 kg
Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (COP) 3.94
Temperature Information
Application Range (Operating Temperature) -5 to +42 Deg C
Power Information
Rated Voltage 230 V
Size and Dimensions
Approximate Weight (empty) 135 kg
Cylinder Size 300 L
Diameter 690 mm
Electrical Entry Height 1150 mm
Height 1913 mm
Inlet Height 218 mm
Outlet Height 1287 mm


Spare Parts & Labour - Domestic Use 2 Years
Cylinder Warranty 5 Years

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