Milwaukee SDS Plus 6 x 160mm

Product code: 6502487

Milwaukee SDS Plus 2-Cut drill bits have Breaker Points. 3 offset aggressive power breakers. These produce a Demolition effect and create micro cracks in the drilled material. Up to 25% FASTER. Centering tip ensures immediate spot drilling with pin point accuracy. This prevents skidding on smooth surfaces. Enlarged rebar chamfers prevents side tip damage when hitting rebar, this reduces the risk of the drill bit jamming when hitting rebar. Tapered shoulder design provides a thinner shoulder towards drill tip for less friction providing for greater speed. This is Ideal for cordless hammers identified from its tapered shoulder geometry. Reinforced flute has high volume flute geometry for optimum dust removal. Reinforced flute design (thicker core) gives full power transfer to the tip, this lowers vibrations and gives exceptional break resistance with less breakages and best durability.