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Vada Flow Boss Horizontal Multistage Pump VFB-HM80 with Auto Pressure Control

Product code: 9510464

Vada Flow Boss Multistage Horizontal Pump VFB HM80
The Vada Flow Boss VFB HM80 is a self priming Horizontal Multistage Pump that combines the
functional benefits of a centrifugal pump and the practical benefits of a self priming pump.

Vada Flow Boss Auto Pressure Control VFB APC
Control VFB APC gives you perfect control of household pressure pumps, guaranteed. Designed with an LED light panel to signal the state of operation, a built in pressure gauge to allow for adjustable cut in pressure and a 24 hour reset function for hassle free operation.

Vada FB Horiz Multistage Pump 80 W/Apc
Vada FB Horiz Multistage Pump 80 W/Apc