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Roca MultiClean Premium Bidet Seat White

Product code: 1804818

Roca Multiclean

The Multiclean Premium Bidet Seat allows the user to control every aspect of the experience from the remote control which integrates five extra functions including adjustable seat temperature, differing user preference options, a deodorising function, a night light and a power saving mode. Multiclean Premium also features pulsating and oscillating cleaning, washing and drying functions, adjustable nozzle position, adjustable water pressure and adjustable water and air temperature. With the ability to easily upgrade your conventional toilet into a Smart Toilet, the Multiclean Premium Bidet Seat only requires an electrical socket and water inlet, making it the easiest way to enjoy the total well-being of a Smart Toilet. The Multiclean Premium Bidet Seats do not require an RPZ valve as it has a built-in High Hazard Backflow Prevention system. Please note, the Multiclean Premium Bidet Seat must be installed by a licensed plumber.

Roca Multiclean Premium Bidet Seat
Roca Multiclean Premium Bidet Seat

Inspired by design and driven by the passion of its Spanish heritage, Roca has been shaping bathroom design for over 100 years.