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Solar Hot Water Systems not only help to reduce your home or business utility bills but also help on a global scale against the fight to reduce carbon emissions. Installing Solar Hot Water Systems is now much more affordable and accessible, with a range of systems by world leading brands available at Reece. We stock only the highest quality manufacturers that you know and trust such as Rheem and Thermann, and our units are available for purchase both in store and online. We stock everything you need to install your new unit and keep it running at peak efficiency.

Solar Hot Water Systems come with both gas and electric back-up units with internal elements in the storage tank to ensure peace of mind. You’ll never be without hot water even though you’re relying on the heat of the sun to predominantly keep your water hot. Choose from a range of complete system including solar panels and storage tank or choose just a new tank. Back-up systems available for your solar hot water include continuous flow gas hot water in both LPG and natural gas. Continuous flow hot water is an innovative offering users hot water when they need it. Rather than holding water at a consistent temperature in a storage tank, like conventional hot water systems, a continuous flow unit heats water instantly, as soon as you turn your hot water tap on. It continues to feed you hot water until that tap is turned off, too. You’ll never run of out of hot water with a continuous flow unit and, paired with a solar unit, you will dramatically cut down on your energy costs and your impact on the environment.

Not sure what type of solar unit would work best for you? Step in store and speak with a friendly expert. We’ll help you choose the best performing unit for your needs and everything you need to install it. Hot Water System broken? Consult a licenced Plumber for a recommended unit.