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Henden Mineral Salt 15kg

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Henden Mineral Activator 15kg

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We have everything you need to keep your pool or spa in great condition, including a range of Pool & Spa Chemicals for all types of pools and spas, both residential and commercial. Whatever you need to keep your pool and spa clean, Reece has the right solution for you.

Pool Chemicals

Keeping your pool or spa clean with the right Pool & Spa Chemicals is key to maintaining longevity. When pools aren’t clean they are not only unsafe for humans or animals, but can harm the architecture and structure of the pool or spa leading to long term problems that will shorten the life of the pool lining. It’s not as difficult as it sounds to keep your pool in perfect working order and all it takes is a little regular maintenance with the right pool chemicals, as well as keeping the water clean and clear of debris like tree and leaf matter, insects and other unwanted material. There are a variety of pool chemicals available at Reece to keep your water that perfect shade of azure all year around. If you don’t want to use high levels of chlorine to keep your pool water clean and clear of potential bacteria, then we can help you find a pool purifier which cleans your water without that heavy feeling chlorine which can affect sensitive skin and eyes, particularly in children.

Pool Salts and Minerals

You will also find a range of mineral salts for salt water pools, heavy duty cleaners for attacking black spots and algae, chlorine and phosphate removers, spa chemicals and cleaners, a range of acids. For quick and easy shopping, order your Pool & Spa Chemicals online and choose one of over 450 pick up locations. If you need some advice from a friendly expert, step into a local branch and we’ll take through everything you need to keep you pool and spa perfect all year round.