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Showers have evolved in style, function, and innovation in recent years. From the humble three piece shower set with one shower head and hot and cold tap handles, showers now come in many shapes and sizes – even with pre-set water temperature capabilities, referred to as Thermostatic Showers or Smart Showers.

Shower Heads

Our range of Shower Heads are perfect for any bathroom renovation or new home. Try a square matte black shower head such as the Mizu Bloc Shower Head for a moody, masculine feel in your bathroom. Try a horizontal shower arm for a classic look or mount your shower head on the ceiling for a modern, minimalist approach.

Rail Showers

Rail showers are a great choice for a family with differing shower needs. The GROHE Power and Soul Single rail shower offers flexibility to each member of the family. Slide the shower head down on the rail so the kids can reach or change the water pressure for relaxation. Powered by GROGE DreamSpray technology, the GROHE Power & Soul Rail Shower has 4 different spray patterns to choose from, offering a range of showering experiences.

Shower FAQs

Which Shower is best?

Thermostatic or Smart Showers are fit with thermostatic controls to suit the needs of you and your family. The are safe for children or the elderly as the temperature of the water can be set to avoid scalding.

What is a good flow rate for a shower?

Our showers meet all Australian Water Rating standards and recommendations known as WELS Ratings. The Grohe Power and Soul Rail Shower has a water flow rate of 9 Litres per minute, which is a 3 star rating.