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Outdoor living with our range of outdoor sinks is about bringing the convenience of your indoor living space to your backyard entertaining area and offering you greater versatility and flexibility with your cooking, cleaning and gardening. The Reece range of outdoor sinks includes a variety of stunning modern designs and features including rust resistant materials for durability and high performance.

Round Outdoor Sinks

AFA is a world leading manufacturer providing high performing sinkware for your kitchen, laundry, or commercial premises, and they now include a collection of specially designed outdoor sinks which offer the same practical design features as the rest of the collection with the added bonus of being constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel for long-lasting durability in even the harshest outdoor environments. Their collection includes a range of practical outdoor sink designs with capture the delicate balance between contemporary styling and function like their organically shaped round outdoor sink. At 450mm, this piece is perfect for rinsing and cleaning outside and its circular shape offers a sinuous design element which is gently placed in any outdoor area.

Square Outdoor Sinks

For larger outdoor spaces, consider the AFA traditional square outdoor sink designed with quick fit clips for easy and seamless installation. At 510mm, this piece offers a little more flexibility making large enough for pet washing as well as other muddy outdoor chores and culinary delights undertaken in your outdoor kitchen space.

As Australia’s largest supplier of bathroom and plumbing products, Reece proudly offers only the world’s leading brands and manufacturers ensuring a high quality selection of pieces, like our outdoor sinks range, designed to look great and to withstand the test of time. Get everything you need to complete your alfresco or outdoor kitchen space with our selection of outdoor taps and mixers too.