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Our range of rimless toilet suites are sourced from world leading designers and manufacturers which include brands like Caroma, Roca, American Standard and Posh. All of our rimless toilet suites include the most hygienic designs ensuring that germs have fewer places to hide in your toilet, thus, reducing the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your bathroom.

Our rimless toilet suites use innovative technology including powerful flush capabilities which ensures the complete clean of the toilet bowl with every flush. With no rim or areas for germs to hide in the toilet, rimless toilets remove all germs with one complete flush. This can save you precious time and money and give you peace of mind knowing that your rimless toilet suites require less cleaning attention and that your family is clean and safe in the bathroom. It also makes them perfect for children’s bathrooms and for individuals with limited movement who find it difficult to thoroughly clean under the rim of a traditional toilet suite design.

If you have been considering rimless toilet suites for your bathroom or washroom but can’t decide on which is the best brand or design for your home, step into a local branch and our specialists will take you through each of our brands and designs to find you the best fit. Our designs include back to wall toilet suites, overheight rimless toilet suites, and soft close designs to minimize accidentally trapped fingers and for ease of cleaning.

Our entire range of toilet suites are also available to purchase online with our quick and easy online ordering process. Just nominate your chosen pickup destination from over 450 local Reece branches at the checkout and collect your order when you need it.