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Zurn Urinal Solenoid With Elbow

Product Code: 1840369

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Urinals offer practicality and versatility in both the home and in public restroom spaces. Our collection of urinals includes a range of high performing and quality pieces from only the world’s leading brands and manufacturers like Hideaway, Roca and Caroma built to withstand the test of time and to offer superior styling and elegance to every space.

As Australia’s largest supplier of bathroom and plumbing products, the Reece range of fixtures and fittings include a vast selection of purposeful and practical designs like our selection of urinals. Whether you are designing an intimate home space or searching for high quality pieces to outfit a public restroom, we have everything you need to ensure that you choose only the best products available at the right price.

Our selection of urinals includes the ultra hygienic and practical Gap Sensor range offering a sleek, elegant design of both round and square shapes. The inbuilt sensor automatically detects use and generates a water-conscious flush function immediately after use. It will also automatically flush after 48hrs of non-use to ensure a clean and hygienic space for every user. The touch-free sensor technology is sensitive enough to ensure that no false flushes are made giving this piece a 6 Star WELS rating for superior water efficiency.

Caroma Urinals

For more traditional styles and designs, consider the Caroma range of urinals offering an intelligent box rim design which effectively washes down the inside of the bowl with every activation. These easy cleaning designs ensure a sleek and hygienic space first time and every time.

Our selection of urinals is available to view and order online with the Reece online or you can step into a local Reece branch to discuss our available products and which one might be the best performing piece for your space.