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Dura Vacuum Breaker (15mm)

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Dura Vacuum Breaker (20mm)

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Dura Vacuum Breaker (15mm) CP

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The last thing you want in your pipes is dirty backwash, especially on exit pipes. You don’t want greywater flowing back into your washing or sewerage coming back up the line into your toilet and bathroom.

A vacuum breaker valve stops this backwash. They have a check valve and an air inlet that is vented to the open air. If the air pressure is greater than the water pressure, the vented chamber opens and breaks the suction, thus preventing the backflow of water.

Reece has sturdy vacuum breaker valves for both 15mm and 20mm pipes.

We also have a range of other valves, such as Dual Check Valves and Pressure Reducing Valves.

Reece has all the equipment you need, all the specialist valves required to ensure the plumbing work you’re doing will be safe and secure and does the job correctly.

Whether you have a big office project or a small bathroom and laundry renovation, use the best parts you can. Reece has top-quality Dura Vacuum Breakers, Tomson Pressure Reducing Valves, Zurn Wilkins, and RMC brands.

Speak to our plumbing experts for any advice you need on valve size, installation tips, and more.