Expansion Control Valves

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An Expansion Control Valve (ECV) is used to control the increase in pressure caused by hot water. This hot water expands during the normal heating cycle and can build up pressure. An expansion control valve releases this built-up water through the drain line.


It can look like a leak in the pipes, with a constant dripping from your hot water tank. This is how the ECV works, and there is nothing to be worried about. The ECV is installed on the cold water line to your hot water tap. This means the dripping water is actually cold, not hot, which is a safety feature, and an energy-saving feature.


An ECV is a vital part of a complete valve package for your hot water setup. Other valves you need to consider include thermostatic mixing valves for your taps, pressure and temperature relief valves on the inbound water pipes, and Dual Check Valves.


Reece has all the valves you need for your hot water and plumbing needs. We also have experts on hand, or we can hook you up with tradies in the know who can help with hot water installation, bathroom renovations, and so much more.


Some of the valves and pipework we sell can only be installed by a licensed plumber, so check with us before you start a DIY project. You don’t want your hot water service exploding and scaling you or your family.


Call Reece or drop us a line through email. And we can give you all the help, tools, and supply you need.


Reece has a vast online catalogue for you to browse, plus over 600 stores across Australia and New Zealand.