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Septic tanks are an environmentally friendly way to remove waste through the natural filtration of the soil. Septic tanks are also an affordable way to eliminate wastewater, especially if you have a large property, a long way from sewerage lines.

Reece has a 3000 litre septic tank system with baffles, or the 3000 litre model without baffles. In a durable plastic. Septic tanks reduce your carbon footprint and are better for the environment. Using the natural filtration of the soil, there is no energy wasted in the elimination of your wastewater. Recycling your wastewater on your property saves you money on your water bills, and saves the rainwater for drinking.

Get into the green lifestyle and reuse and recycle your wastewater in an environmentally friendly way with a septic tank from Reece.

Send through a query on our website to talk about septic tanks with our friendly staff.