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Latest Updates

Find out all the latest updates for everything to do with the Block and Reece.

Kitchen Recap – Alisa & Lysandra

Kitchen week is equal parts a high- and low-pressure week for the Blockheads...

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Main Bathroom Recap with Alisa & Lysandra

Week Five signalled the first double room renovation for this season’s Blockheads and their first week tackling...

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Past Block Contestants Master Ensuites

Master Ensuite Recap with Alisa & Lysandra

We love a good bathroom and Master Ensuite week is always one we wait for with great anticipation...

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AL Recap

See all the latest updates

The Block Room Reveals

Find out all the latest updates for everything to do with the Block and Reece.

Luke & Jasmin's Kitchen

Luke & Jasmin continue their modern and playful approach to renovation with this warm and inviting kitchen, truly making it the heart of the home. The soft curves of the feature wall and island bench married with the blonde woodgrain feel like you’re being wrapped in a warm hug...

Luke & Jasmin - Kitchen

Jimmy & Tam's Kitchen

It’s a peppermint fresh take on a Brighton kitchen. While on the surface this kitchen feels understated with its clean and crisp white palette and traditional straight lines, it’s the accents of colour that give this space a modern twist on the 1950s retro kitchen...

Jimmy & Tam - Kitchen

Sarah & George's Main Bathroom

Elegant, modern, timeless, functional – this bathroom has it all. Sarah & George have shown how to achieve true luxury in this family space. The elegant Kado Neue freestanding bath...

Sarah & George - Main Bathroom

Jade & Daniel's Main Bathroom

Daniel & Jade bring a little bit of flare to their family bathroom this week. They had an inspired decision to pair mint colour sinks with the beautiful matte black Milli Pure tapware.

Jade & Daniel - Main Bathroom

Jasmin & Luke's Main Bathroom

Luke & Jasmin know how to do luxury. Their enormous floor plan has given them plenty to play with and they haven’t held back. The stunning Kado Neue arch mirrors set the tone for the entire space.

Jasmin & Luke - Main Bathroom

Harry & Tash's Main Bathroom

Harry & Tash keep it simple and elegant with their family bathroom. Storage was at the forefront of their minds with the Posh Domaine Plus shaving cabinet and generous Posh Domaine vanity.

Harry & Tash - Main Bathroom

Jimmy & Tam's Main Bathroom

Just when you thought Jimmy & Tam had used enough colour, they produce this vibrant family bathroom. The beautiful terrazzo tiles set a beautiful backdrop for the Kado Lussi freestanding bath...

Jimmy & Tam - Main Bathroom

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