Tool Servicing Department

Tool Servicing Department

Why is it important to have your tool serviced every year?

An annual service press check will ensure your Rothenberger tool continues to work at maximum capacity. Exposure to dirt, mud and water along with constant use can cause your tool to lose performance slowly.

We know how important your Rothenberger tool is to your business, so we assess each unit individually and put It through a rigorous service procedure.

Our servicing steps

  • 1. Visual functioning test
    We meticulously check and test the parts that can cause major issues until they work as new. These include the locking pin, jaw holder, head roller and printed circuit board. Only genuine Rothenberger parts are used.
  • 2. Calibration test
    When we are satisfied with the condition of your tool, we conduct a force reading test to show your tool’s crimping strength. We make ten simultaneous crimps to ensure your tool falls within the appropriate force range
  • 3. External clean
    All tools receive a detailed clean before re-assembly. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards. We want your tool to look and feel brand new after its service.
  • 4. Detailed service reports
    When your tool is returned, you’ll receive supporting documentation detailing all the work that has been performed:
    • Calibration Test Report
    • Service / Repair Job Report
    • Service Reminder
Make sure to head into your local branch to get more information or to drop off your tool for a service.