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Environmental Solutions


At Reece, we’re conscious of our environmental impact and we know our customers are too. As the driest populated continent of earth, we all need to look at ways we can conserve water and reduce global warming. That’s why we’re focused on providing you with more sustainable solutions around the home.


Small changes can make a big difference.

With the huge range of products available, you don’t need to build a brand new bathroom or do a major renovation to enjoy a beautiful and sustainable bathroom. There are some simple changeover options that can immediately improve the performance and appearance of your bathroom - all without changing your plumbing. Take a look around your bathroom and you’ll notice some areas you can make some significant water and cost savings.


sustainability Toilets

Older style single flush toilets can use up to 12 litres per flush. Even some dual flush cisterns from the 1990s use up to 9 litres per full flush. Because you don’t always need a full flush, a dual flush toilet allows you to control how much water you flush each time and manage your overall water usage. Changing over to 4.5/3 litre dual flush toilet will quickly pay for itself.


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sustainability taps

Older taps don’t have the same water efficient cartridges and valves or give you the control of modern style taps. So, if you’ve got an old three-piece tap set or older style mixer, you’re probably using 15 -18 litres of water per minute. The latest designs use just 4 litres of water per minute without compromising on style or efficiency. A huge reduction with a simple changeover.


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sustainability showers

High rise showers and big, inefficient shower heads are common in older bathrooms and plunder up to 20 litres of water per minute. Today’s showers offer a superior showering experience while actually using less water. Swapping to a 3 star model that only uses 6.5-9 litres per minute is easy and you can quickly and dramatically improve your water efficiency.


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Saving water isn't just about what we do inside our bathrooms.

The hot water unit is the engine of your bathroom. By installing an environmentally friendly hot water unit, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, helping you to enjoy a truly sustainable bathroom. It’s also about what we can do outside as well. Collecting the rain that falls on our homes is one of the very best ways to conserve water.

Hot Water Units

sustainability Hot Water

The hot water unit is the engine of your bathroom. By installing an environmentally friendly hot water unit, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, helping you to enjoy a truly sustainable bathroom.


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Rainwater Tanks

sustainability Water Tanks

Traditional rainwater tanks can be bulky, taking up vital space in the backyard. A smarter option is the innovative Graf Carat water harvesting system. Installed underground, it saves vital space without changing the look of your garden.


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In an effort to encourage Australians to adopt more sustainable products, many State Governments are currently offering rebates to home owners.

The rebates are changing all the time and they can be a little bit hard to follow. That's why the Department of Industry and Science have put together this handy rebate guide to help. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about rebates on things like hot water systems, water tanks, grey water systems and high efficiency showerheads. Click here to visit the Department of Industry and Science website now.

You can also refer the following Hot Water Rebate Calculators to determine your rebates of your solar hot water solution:

rheem rebate calcs