• worldfirst product range roca

    Roca has revolutionised the bathroom space with innovations that change toilet design forever. 

  • khroma product range roca

    Designed by Leo Himmel, the innovative character of the Khroma collection embraces the two essential concepts of colour and texture.

  • meridian product range roca

    Created at the Roca Design Centre, Meridian offers a vast combination of compact washbasins and toilets. A simple concept for a thousand and one solutions.

  • dama senso product range roca

    Balancing elegance with absolute simplicity, Dama Senso explores a direction in design that is as distinctive as it is practical.

  • diverta product range roca

    The Diverta series boast simple, almost translucent lines that celebrate the vital connection that people share with water.

  • long island brand banner

    Distinguished by its sweeping lines and generous length, the Long Island Wall/Above Counter Basin conveys a unique sense of luxury and elegance - a true statement piece within the bathroom.

  • senso square product range roca

    Defined by soft, gentle curves Senso Square delivers a modern design with emphasis on comfort and optimisation of space.

  • the gap product range roca

    The Gap range encompasses square meets round in a series of pieces that are compact, understated and infinitely flexible, each allowing you to optimise your available space.

  • victoria product range roca

    Embracing a timeless aesthetic, the Victoria collection offers a blank canvas on which to overlay your own style.