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Sussex - Making it timeless Sussex - Making it timeless Sussex - Making it timeless

Sussex know, that making it right today, means making it right for tomorrow. Making with the highest principles, for a greener and more sustainable future.

It’s because made right, means made to last, timeless, beautiful, and engineered to perfection.


Sustainability has aways been in Sussex’s DNA.

Because it’s so essential for Sussex, they’ve built their purpose, vision, and values around sustainability. Their ambitious goal of transforming their manufacturing operation and all their product to reach net zero emissions hasn’t been easy, but it was necessary.

This is because Sussex is committed to making it right – putting our future first. Sussex hope their accomplishments inspire others as much as they inspire them, and challenge others to take bold action.

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Process line

Sussex is a unique tap maker in Australia who makes all their tapware here in their own Melbourne foundry and workshop.

They don’t believe in sourcing product components from overseas. They prefer to create their own original designs and employ their own dedicated artisans. And they take full responsibility for the social and environmental impact of everything they make. They are here to stay.


Foundry melting brass Gold tapware


From a technique pioneered in aerospace, Sussex has created LUXPVD®. A contamination-free process that is kind to the environment. Where metal vapour and vacuum combine to perfectly coat each and every tapware piece, every time, creating beautiful finishes that will stand the test of time.

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Sussex taps

The Scala range was inspired by the easy-going spirit of the Australian lifestyle. Its clean, elegant lines and industrial cues reflect the essence of our contemporary surroundings. Scala has remained at the forefront of design for over twenty years.