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Australia’s home of international bathroom brands

We partner with world-renowned brands from across the globe to bring you the best in bathroom design and innovation.

Swiss design like no other

At the heart of Swiss bathroom culture since 1892, LAUFEN push the boundaries of bathroom design to craft unique and beautiful pieces. Through collaborations with leading designers, LAUFEN elevates bathroom design to an art form.

Distinct materiality

Alape precisely presses enamel steel into striking basin shapes and geometrics. With world leading German manufacturing this process creates products durable as they are beautiful with clarity through elegant lines.

Leading German water technology

GROHE is synonymous with superior and intelligent bathroom and kitchen products. Combining German precision with functional design, GROHE delivers unrivalled water enjoyment.

Spanish innovation

Driven by the passion of its Spanish heritage, Roca has been shaping bathrooms around the world for over 100 years. With a passion for innovation and sustainability, every Roca product is crated to improve wellbeing and enhance everyday life.

Even more international brands

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