20 Years of Australian Bathrooms

20 Years of Australian Bathrooms

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20 years of one of Australia’s most iconic tapware ranges is truly worth celebrating.

If we cast our minds back to Australian bathrooms 20 years ago, there’s a good chance you think of built-in baths, shower over bath, and the obligatory guest appearance of a floral tile or glass brick, depending on your vibe. Like all things in the design world, trends evolve, styles change, and functionality improves. However, there are some things that remain timeless, and it’s with this we want to celebrate twenty years of one of Australia’s most iconic tapware ranges - Sussex Scala.

Living brass Scala taps add character to a traditional bathroom.

There’s a lot to love about Sussex Scala but it’s the timeless design that really makes it an iconic range. It goes without saying that twenty years ago people were opting for different bathroom colour schemes, layouts, tile styles, and functionality to what they are today. The fact that Sussex Scala became a firm and fast favourite of Australian renovators when it launched in 2001, and it remains so today, says a lot about the quality of the product, the style and shapes featured in the range, and the way Sussex has evolved the collection without changing the product.

The enduring style of Scala wall mixers sits perfectly in a contemporary bathroom.

It’s one thing to have style and functionality, but thankfully the last twenty years have also seen Australians move towards making more eco-conscious choices in all aspects of their lives, including building and renovating. Sussex is the only tapware manufacturer in Australia to own its own foundry (the metalworking factory where their bathroom fittings are manufactured).

Manufacturing locally has enabled Sussex to not only produce their products using 85% recycled brass but also to make Scala’s manufacturing process carbon neutral. And then there are of course the added benefits of buying Australian; supporting local jobs, reducing transport miles on the products you’re after, and having a more assured availability of the product, just to name a few.

The brushed gold finish of the Scala pullout sink mixer adds warmth to this modern kitchen.

Over the past twenty years, the Sussex Scala range has grown to include thirty-five coloured finishes including the recently released LUXPVD finishes. It’s this evolution and move towards an increase in personalisation which has allowed Scala to walk the line between being timeless and evolving to suit all Australian bathrooms. Adding to their incredible colour options, as part of their 20th Birthday celebrations, Sussex Scala has launched a stunning new PVD finish in a deep burgundy shade called Midnight Merlot. We can see this limited-edition finish being an icon of 2021 and beyond, Australian bathroom projects, as it adds sophistication and personality!

The Midnight Merlot PVD finish is a limited edition colour launched to celebrate Sussex Scala’s 20th birthday.

Australian bathrooms may have changed over the last twenty years, but quality Australian-made craftsmanship, enduring style, sustainability, and personalisation will always be timeless. Happy 20th birthday to Scala!

Adding a modern touch, Scala’s Midnight Merlot PVD finish brings plenty of personality to any home.