Are Black Bathroom Taps Here to Stay?

Are Black Bathroom Taps Here to Stay?

Is black having a moment, or shaping up to become a classic? Today we look into our crystal ball to glimpse the future of black bathroom taps.

Black is the new black, especially in bathroom taps. It’s a look that is undoubtably striking and effortlessly chic, but are black taps here to stay? It’s a big question in the bathroom space right now. If I choose black taps, will they date? Or fade?

We quizzed senior designers Randall Pye and Keith Fuller from one of Melbourne’s largest volume builders, Porter Davis, to get some answers.

Question #1: Are black bathroom taps here to stay?

Randall: I think it’s here to stay, but perhaps not with the same prominence as we have seen lately. Black bathroom taps are undoubtedly a very cool highlight at the moment, but I don’t think it’s for everyone or every bathroom. Consider if it will be a time marker on your bathroom, when the next design trend hits.

Keith: Yes. Black taps can work well with any style of bathroom and is still growing in popularity – and fast! It’s perhaps not for everyone, but you can’t deny it has staying power.

  • These black basins bring a neo classic look.

  • This black tapware complements the white elsewhere in the space.

"Black ticks the boxes for a cool, sleek look"
Keith Fuller, senior designer with Porter Davis.

Question #2: Would you choose black bathroom tapware over enduring favourite chrome in an everyday bathroom?

Randall: Personally, I wouldn’t use it in my own home, but I would use it for a development project where I’m aiming for immediate impact in the current market. That said, I still consider chrome to be the perfect all-rounder. To me chrome is to tapware what white is to wall colour; it’s timeless and beautiful.

Keith: Chrome has been the standard for years, but black can’t be compared to other trend-inspired finishes which have come and gone. So, yes, I would choose black over chrome in the right bathroom. Black has an advantage over other fad finishes because you can now buy matching hardware and accessories, and the theme can then be carried right throughout the bathroom.

Question #3: What are the pros and cons of black taps?

Randall: Black ticks the boxes for a cool, sleek look. It also offers some playful flexibility with different colour palettes and schemes. But the consideration with any trend-based look is, it could timestamp a home when the trend moves on. Fingerprints are also quite noticeable on black taps.

Keith: By choosing black bathroom taps you will get that instant wow-factor! It’s perfect for that little bit of detail that pops and says, “I’m on trend”. The only negative is it may feel like an old fad later, but it can be easily swapped out.

Do we have a winner?

Some great perspectives from our two experts, but what’s the answer?

Randall isn’t entirely sold on the longevity of black bathroom tapware, but still acknowledges its place in a contemporary home. For Keith, there’s a lot to love about black tapware, and if it does get a bit tired in years to come, as he says, it’s fairly easy to update! Ultimately, it comes down to the vision you have for your bathroom. There is a world of choice in contemporary tapware and whatever your bathroom style Reece has the perfect solution for you.