5 of the Best Shower and Bath Combinations for Family Bathrooms

5 of the Best Shower and Bath Combinations for Family Bathrooms

Combining the shower and bath is a great way to save space in a modern bathroom.

Achieving both a separate bath and a shower is not always possible in all bathroom configurations, shapes and sizes. Whether you’re renovating or building a whole new bathroom, consider a shower bath combo to get the best of both worlds in a beautiful way with the benefits of a shower and bath in one.

These stunning real-life examples from around the country demonstrate how a bathtub and shower combination can be both stylish and effective.

Let your statement tiles sing

Make a statement with the tiles in your shower/bath combo as seen in this stunner from Three Birds Renovations. This feature tile creates a calming effect that’s balanced by the marble wall tiles and overmount slab.

This effortless family bathroom may be compact, but it still delivers on both form and function. The gorgeous Kado Classic wall mounted bath set matched with the Kado Classic gooseneck shower offers a modern twist on a classic style, while a small inset Posh Domaine bath sits snugly in place.

Less is more

Working in a small space doesn’t mean restricting your options; instead, it presents an opportunity to get creative, like in this family bathroom in Paramatta, NSW. This bathroom shows that including a shower bath combo can actually simplify the overall look and achieve cohesion in the space.

The family-friendly Posh Domaine inset bath sits right at home here, nestled discretely in a crisp all-white space. The twin water rail shower from Mizu Drift includes both handheld and overhead shower head for maximum function for users of all different shower preferences.

Freestanding bliss

A freestanding bath can keep the space contemporary and open like in this petite family bathroom in Rose Bay, NSW. The bath provides a clever way to free up available space whilst delivering a bathroom that caters to multiple users’ preferences.

The Posh Domaine back to wall freestanding bath combines the best features of freestanding and inset baths, with a ledge for ease of access and a sleek profile, while the gunmetal rail shower is adjustable for users of any height.

Let there be light

Shower screens are hygienic, easy to clean, and as seen in this Moorooka, QLD, bathroom, allow light to filter around the whole room.

The white subway tiles make the room feel much larger, with wall-mounted chrome bath mixer taps and shower mixers displaying a clean and timeless look.

Try a wet zone

Growing in popularity in smaller bathrooms is the addition of a wet zone; a distinct area for the shower and bath, discretely positioned behind a shower screen. It may be hard to tell at first glance in this ensuite in SA’s Thebarton, but the intelligent design includes a wet zone with a screen just after the vanity, allowing for a bath and shower in the one space with geometric tiling elongating the bathroom.

These beautiful feature tiles make it easy to forget just how functional the space is. This ensuite achieves both beautify and added functionality with a full suite of chrome fixtures from Mizu Drift. Posh makes another appearance with the inset bath here too, a safe family-friendly addition to the bathroom – perfect for bathing young children.