3 Reasons to Choose Thermostatic Shower Tech for Your Bathroom

3 Reasons to Choose Thermostatic Shower Tech for Your Bathroom

In a world where we can personalise almost anything to suit our unique preference, it’s unsurprising that this element of personalisation has moved to the bathroom space.

If you’ve travelled internationally over the last few years, particularly in Europe, you may have encountered thermostatic technology in the shower, and you’ll no doubt see it here on Australian shores both now and in the future.

Thermostatic shower technology lets you regulate the water temperature and pressure for future showers, creating a truly personal shower experience that’s set to your ideal preference. Simply find your perfect shower on first use, set, and forget.

Watch the video below for a full explainer:

Thermostatic mixers come with three key benefits:

#1: Added safety

Thermostatic mixers fully regulate your shower temperature, which means no more scalding or freezing temperature fluctuations. They are especially handy in busy homes where water conditions change frequently, for example when others are doing laundry or washing dishes.

Fear the dishwasher no more – with thermostatics, your water temperature will always maintain a consistent temperature.

#2: They’re more convenient

Never worry about adjusting the shower to find your ideal water temperature, pressure and spray pattern again. You only have to find your ideal temperature and pressure setting once, then simply push the button and step into your perfect shower every time. Who doesn’t want personalised shower bliss at the touch of a button?

#3: They save water

With a thermostatic shower, you’ll spend no time waiting for water to heat up or trying to get the temperature just right. Not only will this save on your water bill, but it’s also great for the environment as well.

Simply push the button for future shower bliss.

Our product picks

GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixers let you control up to three different water outlets at the same time, toggling them on and off instantly for an effortless transition for different users.

Pair GROHE Thermostatic Mixers with GROHE Rainshower SmartActive Overhead Showers for a choice between either a refreshing rain shower or energising massage spray. Or for a thermostatic mixer and shower built in one, check out the GROHE Rainshower SmartControl Shower System.

Roca Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixers are available in both round or square designs so you can choose the shape that fits your bathroom aesthetic.

Finally, the American Standard Thermostatic Mixer is designed to be paired with an EasySET shower controller, where you can set your ideal temperature, as well as flow and pressure. Pair your thermostatic mixer with an American Standard Body Jet for a true day spa experience.