Adding Value: Create the Perfect Bathroom in Your Investment Property

Adding Value: Create the Perfect Bathroom in Your Investment Property

Renovating a bathroom in your investment property is a great way to invest in your future. However, to get bang for your budget, there are a few key pointers that can transform a property into a market winner.

The key is designing a space with broad appeal, lasting quality and that’s savvy to market trends. Read on for our top design considerations that can turn an average bathroom into a property gem.

Appeal to the masses

Your investment property needs to have broad appeal to its target demographic. Making sure the room meets prospective users’ needs means understanding who exactly you want to appeal to, and then designing a space that will accommodate them.

Baths are crucial for families, but if your target audience is made up of young professionals, a larger walk-in shower will seal the deal.

Something for everyone

There are certain attributes that appeal to everyone — storage is the big one. We suggest focusing your attention on versatile storage solutions to ignite people’s purchasing power.

Functional, well-designed storage that doesn’t eat into the floor space helps buyers and renters alike visualise themselves in the room, getting you consistent returns on your investment.

Remember: If it’s hidden storage, always make sure a door or drawer is open an inch so it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Play it safe

Think safe and simple, you might love that canary yellow feature wall in your own home, but applying the same strong sense of style here could ward off potential interest.

White walls and grey floor are safe but they don’t have to be plain. Opt for modern and classic choices, such as oversized subway tiles to keep the look fresh and make the space feel inviting by including interesting textures, shapes and surfaces.

Think about the upkeep

Whether buying to rent or live, bathroom users want to spend more time enjoying the space and less time cleaning it, so look to incorporate large tiles and off-white grout that won’t show wear and tear easily.

"Less grout lines means less cleaning and a bigger surface that’s a lot easier to wipe down This is particularly good for families, where you’re going to have a lot of spills in the bathroom." property expert Chole de Ridder

Shannon Voss, one half of the Voss brothers duo from The Block also suggests using a light grey grout instead of white, making those detailed areas easy to keep clean.