Adding Value: Five Bathroom Products That’ll Boost Your Market Appeal

Adding Value: Five Bathroom Products That’ll Boost Your Market Appeal

The bathroom is often what makes or breaks a successful property listing, so you want to ensure that your property hits the mark with potential buyers or renters.

Here are our top tips for designing a bathroom that will have people fighting over your listing from the moment it hits the market.

Set and forget

Buyers and renters deserve quality fittings that elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic and avoid call outs for broken parts.

Delivering on both is GROHE’s Essence tap range, manufactured with extra-resistant PVD technology. It’s three times harder and 10 times more scratch resistant than the average tap so it stands up to even the harshest of demands.

For an ultra-affordable solution that will keep everyone happy, the Posh Solus range includes a wide variety of matching taps and accessories in chrome, ensuring that you can find a matching solution at a price point that’s pocket-friendly.

Storage and more storage

It’s one of the top things that both buyers and renters consider in the bathroom, so we recommend a ‘more is more’ approach to storage.

Look for ways to increase the functionality of simple items such as mirrors and vanity units by choosing products such as the Posh Bristol range instead of a standalone mirror.

Make cleaning easy

We hear time and time again that buyers and renters alike will appreciate a space that’s easier to maintain.

A wall hung vanity keeps the floor easy to clean, while a back to wall toilet doesn’t have any hard to reach surfaces, completely sealed to the wall. Savvy property hunters will pick up on these details, boosting your market appeal.

The bath that saves you time

With inset baths, the risk of grout damage over time greatly increases, either making the property less appealing or requiring significant maintenance costs.

Choose a freestanding back-to-wall bath such as our family-friendly Posh Domaine baths to avoid these issues and to save time and money too. You will save on material and labour costs required to build, waterproof and tile the area, giving you a little extra to splash out on the accessories that will seal the deal.

Cover all your bases

When designing a bathroom that’s going to be used by someone else, it’s tricky to know what their preferences will be so it’s always best to design a space that covers all bases.

When it comes to choosing a shower, this means selecting a twin rail shower instead of an overhead option, so that whoever ends up in the space can choose the shower height and angle that suits them. Plus a second shower head means easier cleaning for busy spaces.