At Home With Andrew Winter

Reading time: 4 mins

We chatted to Andrew Winter about his newly renovated family home. He walked us through all of his bathroom product selections and was able to give us real estate expert insight into each of his choices. A master ensuite, two smaller ensuites, and a powder room all work together to be part of an inviting, functional family home.

"We had four and a half bathrooms to design and the best time to do that is right at the beginning of the build process"
Andrew Winter

In The Bathroom With Andrew Winter

Andrew Winter talks us through his bathroom product selections.

Andrew talked us through his renovation or new build process, the factors he looks for when purchasing a home and how he makes the most of Reece Bathroom expertise.

"We sat down with a [Reece] consultant. We had plans, we had images that we wanted to use for inspiration, and it really really helps the process"
Andrew Winter