How to renovate a bathroom with Three Birds Renovations

How to renovate a bathroom with Three Birds Renovations

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Everyone’s favourite renovation experts, Three Birds Renovations, have focused solely on a bathroom makeover in their latest project.

Using Reece’s new 3D planner tool, Imagin3D, to overhaul a tired family bathroom, Three Birds opened up the room and brought the space to life.

The Birds had an initial idea of the floorplan for their bathroom, however, once they used Imagin3D they were able to visualise how everything would fit together, and they made improvements. Imagin3D enabled them to move different bathroom elements around until it looked and functioned perfectly.

"I liked that we had a sort of tetris puzzle that we were putting together and then you saw it. You can flick it to your builder, flick it your plumber; send it to whatever trade you need to"
Bonnie, Three Birds Renovations

Being able to see 3D plan of a bathroom before starting your renovation has the potential to save you time and money on costly mistakes. The ability to share your Imagin3D plan directly with your trades people and designers means everyone has the same end-goal vision for the room and how it will come together, putting the power in your hands to be the expert.

"With this new tool from Reece, I don’t need to imagine what you want, Imagin3D tells me"
Erin, Three Birds Renovations

Imagin3D has 2D and 3D modes. 2D is perfect for putting in the dimensions of your space and working through the layout; and where there will be windows, doors, and walls. And the 3D mode is completely movable, meaning you can view your bathroom from all angles, visualise how it will fit together, and pick up on any functionality issues like leaving enough space around a door, what you’ll see when you enter the room, and what you look at while using the toilet! It was this functionality that prompted Three Birds to revise their renovation design.

Reece’s vast catalogue of products is linked to Imagin3D, (with more being added all the time) enabling it to easily browse bathroom products and see how they would fit together, both practically and aesthetically.

Three Birds Renovations latest bathroom project

For this bathroom makeover, Three Birds stuck with their signature aesthetic, combining rich terracotta and bronze tones, with neutral whites and a timber vanity.

Milli Pure tapware with diamond textures in bronze was used throughout the bathroom, and this was complemented by a Milli Pure shower in bronze and bronze fittings - robe hooks, toilet roll holder - throughout.

Three Birds Renovations' latest bathroom project

A Kado Lussi bath was used as a hero feature. The thin edged, solid surface bath adds functionality and luxury. The ISSY Halo II vanity adds warmth with its timber tones and pares perfectly with the asymmetric style of the ISSY Glide vertical mirror.

"Reece’s new planner Imagin3D is the perfect tool to nail your floor plan."
Bonnie, Three Birds Renovations

Follow Three Birds’ lead and create your own 3D bathroom plan using Imagin3d.