Australian Bathroom Designers and Design Companies Making Us Proud

Australian Bathroom Designers and Design Companies Making Us Proud

At Reece we love beautiful bathrooms in all their forms.

Bathrooms inspired by 5-star hotels, day-spa retreats and coastal havens. Contemporary, modern, art deco. Bathrooms blending the best of local and international design with great Australian know how. Here we are delighted to introduce you to four brilliant Australian designers and design firms who are creating amazing projects right around the country.

Melissa Redwood for Webb & Brown-Neaves

Melissa Redwood designs contemporary bathrooms with a day spa feel.

Melissa has been designing beautiful spaces for over 14 years, since she started her interior design business in 2005. She designs modern and harmonious homes, with bathrooms that seem to naturally extend from other living areas to create a true sense of flow. It was a match made in heaven when Melissa collaborated with Webb & Brown-Neaves. They started in 1978 and have been building exceptional homes in Perth ever since. They attribute their success to their commitment to quality. See more of this project here.

Anoushka Allum for SmartSpace Interiors

Anoushka infuses traditional bathrooms with relaxing tones and products.

SmartSpace Interiors was created in 2012 by their lead designer, Anoushka Allum. They work at any scale, whether its designing single room renovations or creating a whole home from scratch. Anoushka has always had a passion for interior design, and has paired that with a client-first attitude and a collaborative style. Her bathrooms effectively balance classic and contemporary, giving them a feeling of timelessness without being dated. Anoushka always considers the broader context of the home, before creating a bathroom that perfectly complements the surrounding rooms. See more of this project here.

Mandy Artini for SVBuilt

SVBuilt designs contemporary spaces that retain their practicality.

Mandy Artini, a designer for SVBuilt, says visualisation is one of the most important things when beginning your renovation journey. Mandy says, "imagine yourself in the mirror at the start of the day and run through your typical routine, then design. That way your bathroom is tailored to your needs". She always ensures that there’s a smooth transition between other zones of the home and the bathroom, creating a sense of flow. Her design motto? “Keep it clean and sleek, with as much storage as possible!” See more of this project here.

Karen Aston for Watershed Building Group

Karen Aston designs contemporary bathrooms with an art-deco edge.

Karen Aston is a Sydney-based designer who believes in true collaboration with clients. When she’s designing bathrooms, she seeks to create a sense of harmony and balance, marrying beauty and function together. Karen always tries to bring a hint of the unexpected to her design, and loves using textural variety to add personality to a bathroom. Think elegant bathroom designs with a couple of design surprises, sure to add a unique flair. See more of this project here.