Build Your Squad: Everything Your Plumber Wants You to Know

Build Your Squad: Everything Your Plumber Wants You to Know

Want to feel more confident working alongside your plumber? We have the inside scoop to help you manage your renovation project.

If you’re ready to feel more confident and in control working alongside your plumber during your next bathroom reno, we have some great tips for you from long-time plumber and director of Stefanou Plumbing, Matthew Stefanou. From ‘A grade’ prep, to failproof processes, get the know-how so you can manage your project like a pro.

Understand the size of your bathroom space

It’s always refreshing to speak to a customer who has thought about the size of the bathroom, and what fixtures will comfortably fit into the space.

For example, a bathroom may be large enough for a 1200mm shower, but will this leave enough space for a toilet suite and vanity/basin? Your plumber or builder can help you work out the space requirements, but it’s good to have a general idea before you start.

Know about the construction of your house

Maybe the most important thing you can do is know what you’re working with – a concrete slab, bearers and joists, solid brick or brick veneer – not knowing could have unpleasant cost implications. For example, if you want to move a toilet to a new corner of the room, this can have pretty significant implications if you need to rip up a concrete slab.

Once you know the basics, your plumber will be able to help advise how your specific home’s construction elements might affect plumbing, and your bathroom renovation decisions.

Know when you need your plumber

If you’re managing your renovation project, you will have a stage breakdown and an understanding of when plumbing work needs to happen. Ideally, plumbing is required at three clear stages:

  1. The disconnection stage.
  2. The rough-in stage.
  3. In the post-tiling fit off stage.

Three stages, three visits, complete. Everybody is happy. Anything that incurs extra visits can be frustrating and costly, so make sure you speak to your plumber to get an understanding of their process.

"Communication is the absolute key to the process — keep your plumber updated as quickly as possible"

Be realistic about the project and the timings

Understanding how long certain plumbing work may take so everyone is working to a realistic schedule is really helpful. For example, during winter, waterproofing may take more time to dry than in summer, which can hold up work for days if it’s not planned for.

We don’t expect renovators to know everything, but you can do some valuable research beforehand. One thing that’s great to know is the flow rate of fixtures, as people are often unaware of why their water pressure is so low in the shower. It’s not so much about the pressure, but the volume of the water flowing through the outlet.

What does your dream renovator/client look like?

A dream client will have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and understand the process in regards to who comes in first, second, and last. They will also have all tradespeople locked in and have all products on site before work begins. Now that’s a smooth, successful bathroom renovation and a happy plumber!