Three Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Home's Ensuite

Three Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Home's Ensuite

Master bedrooms with ensuites are highly sought after and can increase the resale value of your property. After all, no one enjoys fumbling around the house in the dark just to get to the toilet at night!

With ensuites being integral to your daily routine as well as for some much needed me-time every now and then, it makes sense to design them thoughtfully. If you’re thinking about tackling your own ensuite renovation or build after watching The Block this week, there are a few simple design choices to opt for in order to increase the overall value of your home.

Practical Storage

An essential you cannot skip over when designing your ensuite is storage space. As one of the hubs of your home, you need to ensure you’ll have enough space in your ensuite for every users’ appliances and products. Ensuites are commonly used by more than one person at a time, so your storage may also need to cater to multiple users.

When it comes to storage solutions, consider vanities and tallboys, but don’t forget to take advantage of precious wall space, especially for ensuites with a small footprint. A mirror cabinet is the epitome of multiple functions - look for a mirror cabinet like the Posh Bristol Mirror Cabinet with adjustable shelving that allows you to personalise the layout of your storage. For The Block expert Shaynna Blaze, face height storage is a must in bathrooms, which she commonly seeks out when judging The Block bathrooms.

Mirror cabinets are great storage solutions

Maximise Space

If space is at a premium in your ensuite, it’s important to use every available surface and make space-saving choices. 

When it comes to toilets, a full toilet suite can take up a significant portion of your ensuite’s floor space. To make the most of a small footprint, consider a wall-hung toilet pan, with the cistern built into the wall to save precious space. We loved Tess and Luke’s use of a wall hung toilet pan in Main Bathroom Week of this year's season of The Block, with the pair opting for the LAUFEN Pro A Wall Pan paired with Hideaway+ Rectangle Buttons Brushed to match the bathroom’s colour scheme.

The pair also opted for a wall-hung vanity in their Main Bathroom. Wall hung products are great options to increase the illusion of space, with the bonus of making cleaning easier!

Tip: Remember that an inwall cistern is much easier to install with a new build, so consult your plumber for advice before purchase.

  • Inwall cisterns are a great way to save space

  • Wall hung products like vanities add the illusion of space

Make A Statement

You’ve got plenty of storage and your ensuite feels open and free - what’s missing? Your statement piece!

Considering the ensuite is an epicentre for R&R, it makes sense to highlight your wet zone. Build an invigorating and indulgent showering experience with a GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixer and matching GROHE SmartActive Shower. This system allows you to set and forget your preferred temperature, ensuring convenience and safety for every shower.

If you prefer more of a reclining rejuvenation, then you need not look further than the elegant and relaxing Kado Lussi Solid Surface Freestanding Bath. The cast solid surface material has an organic feel, promoting relaxation for long soaks. For ensuites on the smaller size, consider the Kado Lux Petite Freestanding Bath for an elegant look with a smaller footprint. To make even more of a statement, consider selecting the Lux Petite with a black exterior finish.

Freestanding baths are great for making a design statement

Remember that every home should have at least one bath if you’re looking to resell. Without a bath, families may be immediately turned off your property as a bath is integral for a young family. If your main bathroom doesn’t have a bath, it’s worth integrating it into your ensuite.