Elevate Your Bathroom: The Luxury of Customisation with ISSY Adorn Vanities

Elevate Your Bathroom: The Luxury of Customisation with ISSY Adorn Vanities

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Putting to practice generations of experience in Australian furniture design, ISSY Adorn by Zuster harmoniously blends manufacturing innovation, traditional craftsmanship, and creative contemporary design. The result is a luxurious range that you can make completely your own. Hand made in Melbourne, ISSY Adorn vanities pull inspiration from fashion and jewelry to create a collection that can be customised to reflect your individual style while enhancing your bathroom experience.

Fashion Meets Furniture

Wilhelmina McCarroll, Design Director at Zuster, drew inspiration from her love of fashion and jewelry, weaving intricate elements such as ruffled fabric details, covered buttons, and delicate brooches into this collection. The result? A vanity range that transcends functionality, embracing an elegance reminiscent of jewelry.

Wilhelmina articulates her vision, saying, "This collection aims to elevate the bathroom space by merging the worlds of design and adornment."

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Unparalleled Customisation

What truly sets ISSY Adorn apart is the endless realm of customisation it offers. It's a revolution in personalisation, redefining what you thought was possible with bathroom furniture. ISSY Adorn invites you to transform your vanity with a collection of ornate handles, each meticulously crafted to showcase distinct character and personality. Crafted from solid American Oak with the option to embellish with Corian and marble inlays, each handle tells a different story—whether you wish to enhance elegance, make a bold statement, or introduce subtle grace, ISSY Adorn has the handle to match.

The customisation doesn't stop there. Every aspect of the ISSY Adorn vanity is tailored to your preferences. Choose from 6 American Oak timber cabinet finishes and 5 Corian benchtop finishes to perfectly compliment your interior pallet. Create cohesion throughout your home and blur the lines between bathroom and living spaces with the option of decorative legs. It's an opportunity to create a truly unique piece that reflects your design aesthetic while meeting the functional needs of your space.

Functionality Meets Design

ISSY Adorn isn't just about aesthetics; it's a testament to decades of design expertise and the use of the highest quality materials. Choose a show-stopping above counter basin or go for a sleek and integrated look that maximise benchtop storage space, there are absolutely no limitations to how you can style your piece. The choice of bench or wall-mounted tapware and door or drawer cabinets further amplifies the possibilities, ensuring that your ISSY Adorn vanity is perfectly suited to your vision.

Proudly Australian-Made

Crafted with the utmost care, ISSY Adorn vanities are proudly handmade in Australia using environmentally conscious materials and practices. Created with a mix of modern technologies and artisanal handmade techniques, your ISSY Adorn vanity is made completely bespoke. It is this commitment to absolute quality and precision that allows Zuster to design collections like Adorn that pushes the boundaries in bathroom furniture and bring unparalleled luxury to the bathroom space.

What Sets ISSY Adorn Apart?

ISSY Adorn stands out as a testament to the limitless possibilities of personalisation. Here's what makes it truly unique:

  • Five Unique Handles: Choose from five distinct handles to create a vanity that reflects your style and personality. Each handle can be further customised with your choice of timber finish and Corian and marble inlays.
  • Delicate Timber Framing: Vanity doors and drawers feature a delicate beaded timber framing detail, adding tactile dimension to the design that is mirrored with a bullnosed edge on the Corian benchtop.
  • Unlimited Pairing Freedom: Compatible with any basin and tapware configuration, you are completely unrestricted in designing a vanity space that matches your aesthetic and functional needs.

ISSY Adorn is more than just a vanity; it's an expression of individuality and a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Elevate your bathroom experience with ISSY Adorn and embark on a journey of design exploration that knows no bounds.