Elevate Your Bathroom with Elegance: The ISSY Cloud by Zuster Collection

Elevate Your Bathroom with Elegance: The ISSY Cloud by Zuster Collection

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The pinnacle of luxury in bathroom furniture – the ISSY Cloud collection by Zuster. This exquisite addition to Zuster's line-up is the fifth collaboration from Reece’s ongoing partnership with Zuster for ISSY. Merging bespoke designer furniture with bathroom vanity design, offering a harmonious blend of innovative aesthetics, Australian craftsmanship, and unparalleled customisation.

Influenced by Nature

The Cloud collection draws inspiration from the graceful flight of birds, reflecting their intricate feathers in its timber beaded pattern. This delicate yet detailed design is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, blending innovation with a tactile mix of textures. Each element, from the gorgeous celebration of smooth curves of the American Oak legs to the gentle edge of the Corian benchtop, embodies an organic elegance that transforms any bathroom space.

Functional Artistry and Crafted in Melbourne, Australia

Beyond its visual allure, the ISSY Cloud collection epitomises thoughtful and practical design. Striking the perfect balance between sophistication and utility, the collection boasts a unique depth that invites personalised touches. Whether you opt for the graceful leg-mounted configuration or a fully elevated look, Zuster's expertise in custom production ensures a tailor-made masterpiece to elevate your bathroom design. Manufactured in Melbourne, Zuster infuses the ISSY collection with Australian design and craftsmanship. This union of hand-crafted excellence, paired with thoughtful detailing and intuitive functionality, defines the essence of the Cloud. The ISSY Cloud collection, a testament to this philosophy, showcases the artistry of Australian manufacturing that captivates a global audience.

Endless Personalisation Options

Recognising the significance of personal style and spatial harmony, Cloud offers a spectrum of choices. Whether you prefer doors or the asymmetrical twin-drawer setup, the collection accommodates your preferences. The vanity caters to two diverse basin pairings, while the flexibility to customise sizes within the range of 601mm to 2000mm width empowers you to curate your ideal vanity. With a palette featuring six rich American Oak timbers and five striking Corian finishes, Cloud unleashes your creativity to craft a vanity that speaks to your soul.

What’s unique about the ISSY Cloud collection?

  • Graceful Curves: Cloud's allure lies in its celebration of curves. The solid American Oak curved timber legs and frame, intricately beaded timber dowel pattern spanning the entire vanity, and the curved Corian benchtop collectively create a captivating visual symphony.
  • Bridging Legacy and Innovation: Adapted from Zuster's best-selling Cloud furniture collection, ISSY Cloud transcends the conventional, marrying bespoke designer furniture with bathroom vanity design. This seamless fusion exemplifies Zuster's legacy and innovation in a single, remarkable collection.
  • Smart Asymmetry: The asymmetric twin-drawer vanity introduces an extra tall bottom drawer, thoughtfully designed for storing taller items while keeping everyday essentials readily accessible.
  • Benchtop Depth: A first for the ISSY by Zuster range, the 500mm standard benchtop depth accommodates both bench-mounted and wall-mounted tapware seamlessly, amplifying design possibilities.

The ISSY Cloud by Zuster collection is a testament to the marriage of artistry, functionality, and aesthetics. Beyond being mere furniture, it stands as an emblem of the art of design, Australian craftsmanship, and Zuster's legacy. Embrace Cloud, and you embrace not just a vanity, but a masterpiece that transforms your bathroom into a sanctuary of elegance and individuality.

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