Hands-free Hygiene: 4 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom's Clean Factor

Hands-free Hygiene: 4 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom's Clean Factor

Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic leads to a healthier and happier home.

There are a number of innovations emerging in the bathroom which are guaranteed to help boost the hygiene factor in even the busiest of family spaces.

  • Roca's In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet offers the simplest and most innovative technology for cleanliness, comfort and total care.

  • Handle the washing and drying functions through the remote control.

Touchless tap tech

When it comes to germs in the bathroom, toilets are understandably our first thought. But the area in and around your basin tapware is another potentially less than hygienic hotspot. The same goes for your kitchen.

With the best and brightest in touchless tapware technology, elevate your home hygiene with the simple wave of a hand.

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Mizu Drift Sensor Basin Mixer
Memo Sia Sensor Sink Mixer

Smart hygiene tech

It’s no secret that the toilet has the potential to be one of the most germ fuelled locations in the bathroom. The good news is, with a growing number of smart toilets becoming available on the Australian market, the ease of stopping germs from spreading at the source is much greater.

What’s smart about smart toilets is that they replicate a bidet, but with retractable nozzles that wash and dry to refresh, including both pressure and temperature control for comfort for the user. The nozzles self-clean after every use, too, so the chance of germs sticking around is greatly reduced.

Considering that a mere 5% of toilet paper flushed in Australia is made from recycled paper, you can be doing your bit for the environment while making your home a cleaner and healthier place.

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The Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet – in wall-hung, back to wall and close coupled configurations

A superior clean with every flush

Today’s toilets come with a range of hygienic and experience-enhancing features, the biggest of which is rimless design. This new toilet design removes the rim from the pan, reducing opportunities for dirt, grime and germs to hide.

These toilets also have a slight change in the way water is distributed, meaning one flush washes away material from every corner of the pan.

This explainer from Roca explains the benefits a rimless toilet can bring to your bathroom.

This makes rimless toilets more hygienic and easier to clean. It’s a simple but highly effective design update and one we highly recommend when considering a toilet for any bathroom.

Rimless technology is available at all price points for toilets for any bathroom, and is even integrated into Roca’s In-Wash® Inspira Smart Pans.

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American Standard Cygnet Hygiene Rim Toilets
AXA Uno Wall Hung Rimless Toilets

The royal flush of coating finishes

When you buy a new toilet, it’s understandably in impeccable condition and is easy to maintain. To make sure it stays that way, there are a number of small but effective coatings that deliver a superior clean and finish for years to come.

Certain toilets on the market come with anti-stain and antibacterial coatings which repel water and waste. They create a smooth pan surface where grime doesn’t stand a chance.

With fewer cleaning agents required and less time needed to maintain them, these coatings will retain the hygiene factor for years to come.

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LAUFEN Pro toilets with Clean Coat technology
American Standard Acacia Toilets with Hygiene Clean technology

With Geberit's Sigma80 touchless flush buttons, a full or half-flush is achieved with the wave of a hand.

Wave goodbye to flushing

You’ve probably encountered these flush panels at shopping centres and airports, but did you know you can install one at home?

These touchless dual-flush glass panels are activated by sensors, meaning you only have to wave your hand in front of the button to trigger a flush.

They’re not only practical and require very little maintenance, they’ve been designed to sleekly fit in with any design style, and to not require any touching after use, so there’s nowhere for germs to spread.

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Geberit Sigma 80 touchless dual flush buttons