How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to think about your home’s cooling system.

Whether you’re looking to air condition an entire home or a single room, Reece and Kaden offer every form of home climate control. Get ready to create your perfect climate this summer.

Get a localised cool with a split system

Split system air conditioners are cost effective, flexible and easy to install. Multiple split systems help save money by allowing you to only cool rooms you use in your home. Plus, they heat and cool, so you’re ready for winter as well.

Kaden split systems have an innovative ‘follow me’ feature, which directs the system’s cool air exactly where you’re sitting in the space.

Choose a Kaden split system if;

  • You’re in an apartment or smaller home
  • You only want to cool a specific room (bedroom, living room)
  • You want the flexibility of heating and cooling in a single system

Be ready for any weather with a Kaden split system

Enjoy whole home flexibility with a ducted air conditioner

If you’re looking to heat or cool your entire home at the push of a button, ducted air conditioning is the solution.

Unlike split systems, ducted air conditioning is controlled from one centralised point. The indoor unit sits in your roof or under your floor. It pumps either hot or cool air through your home using a series of hidden ducts.

Ducted air conditioning can provide the ultimate control over your home’s climate if you pair it with a zone controller. This lets you create different zones with different temperatures. Kaden ducted air conditioners also have turbo mode so you can quickly cool your space down or heat it up.

Choose a Kaden ducted air conditioner if;

  • You want to regulate your entire home’s temperature
  • You want the flexibility of heating and cooling in a single system

Cool your whole home with a Kaden ducted air conditioner

Get a natural cool with an evaporative cooler

Want to keep your home cool and your air fresh? Consider evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling uses a completely natural process to cool the air using water, making it ideal for hypoallergenic households.

Kaden evaporative cooling is whisper-quiet, which means you’ll sleep easier through hot summer nights. Evaporative cooling works best in dry heat — if you’re in a more humid climate, consider a ducted air conditioning system.

Choose a Kaden evaporative cooler if;

  • You’re in a climate with dry heat
  • You want a near-silent cooling solution
  • You want a natural cool for your whole home